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Sailing Solo: A Journey of Inner Exploration

Introduction: Beyond the Horizon

Embarking on my solo sailing adventure, I knew it would be more than just a physical journey. Indeed, it was an inner exploration, a voyage into the depths of my own soul. From meditation courses to the open sea, I discovered a connection and understanding that transcended boundaries.

Meditation and Solitude: The Path to Self-Discovery

During a ten-day Vipassana meditation course, I delved into my consciousness, meditating without speaking, reading, or writing. Consequently, this profound experience showed me the power of inner reflection and listening to my intuition.

Connectedness in Solitude: Finding Joy in Being Alone

Now nine months into my journey, with the longest stretch at sea being 31 days, I realize solitude doesn’t mean loneliness. Instead, it’s a deeper connection with myself, nature, and the world. Consequently, being alone brings comfort, introspection, and self-discovery.

Navigating Relationships: A Pressure Cooker at Sea

Living aboard a boat is like being in a pressure cooker, where emotions are amplified, and relationships are tested. Despite the challenges, there’s room for growth and understanding. Engaging in deep conversations about life and dreams or seeking solace in moments of solitude, the journey becomes a mirror reflecting the innermost aspects of ourselves.

Embracing the Present Moment: Finding Gratitude in Acceptance

Crossing vast oceans isn’t always smooth, but accepting the present brings peace and connection. Through acceptance, I discover gratitude and true contentment.

Conclusion: A Journey of Connection and Discovery

Guided by wind and stars, I realize the true voyage isn’t just across oceans, but within ourselves. Embracing solitude and navigating our consciousness reveals profound connectedness. In quiet moments at sea, I find solace, knowing I’m connected to the world beyond time and space.


My name is Jacqueline Evers from The Netherlands. Solo sailing around the world in my 27 foot sloop. While my husband and son may have chosen a different path, their unwavering support fuels my solo pursuit of this lifelong dream.

Not confined by age or the constraints of conventional life, in my 50s, I bravely departed from the rat race, trading it for the serenity of the open sea. Through my unscripted videos and blogs, I offer a glimpse into the authentic tapestry of my sailing

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