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In this Dutch video I give you a tour around my boat.


The Grinde is designed in 1973 by Peter Bruun as a spacious family-friendly boat and for racing in the IOR half-tonner class. From 1974 to 1989 a total of 580 Grindes were built at the Flipper Scow shipyard in Denmark. My Grinde has construction number 365 and is from 1977.

The Grinde family consists of the Kaskelot 33 feet, Grinde 27 feet, Speakhugger 24 feet, Marsvin 22 feet. (from left to right in the photo above). The Grinde is a stable boat with a keel of 1.70 meters and can handle a lot of wind and waves and comfortably sail close hauled. Weight 3600 kg, ballast share 45% (1600 kg). The hull speed is 6.6 knots.

Fourth owner Jacqueline Evers

I have been the owner of this beautiful ship since October 10, 2020. And a 44-year-old ship, I now know, needs maintenance. Real maintenance. And those are several projects. This ship had a lot of things, but little by little it stops working or really needs to be replaced. Read more about my boatprojects.

Grinde tekening
Grinde specs
Sailing Loveworkx introduction

Third owner from 2013 – 2020

Pim Vermeulen bought the boat in 2012/2013 and moored it in Hindeloopen. He called the boat SAS, from ‘being in your mood’, but more importantly, his mother Saskia was always called Sas and that she died during his childhood. And therefore the most important reason for Pim to name his boat SAS.

Second owner from 2000 – 2012

Ton van Tunen became the second owner in 2000. The boat was moored in Hoorn until 2011 and then went to Seaport Marina in IJmuiden. He put a new engine in it in 2010 and bought a new mainsail, genoa 1 & 2 from Sander sails in Lymington. Both sails are tri-radial just like the mainsail. He had the mainsail expanded to the maximum by Arjen Kooij Haarlem.

He has drilled and tapped stainless steel bolts at the keel attachment to create a zipper effect, which makes the keel very stiff under the boat and to minimize the leverage effect. The keel bolts are in line as standard. This gives you a leverage effect while sailing. You always saw that the keels were splitting at Grindes. The sealant edge that was applied as standard by the Bruun shipyard was no longer sufficient, causing water to pool above the keel. The previous owners had already done this modification sometime in the eighties. He had the transition from cast iron keel to hull laminated closed. So technically perfect.

He sold the boat in 2012/2013 to purchase a larger boat. He has updated the Grinde quite a bit over the years. When he bought the boat, things were quite dated. But… the base was great 👌🏽. He chose the ship name “green pepper” because he had previously sailed in the States on a red pepper. That owner then told him “Hot and Spicy 🌶 “. He always remembered that and thought it was a very nice name. Only he had a green pepper 😁 made on the boat. He still loves the boat. And gives me all kinds of practical information and tips.

First owner from 1977 – 2010

Grinde – Yin III Yang

Mr and Mrs van de Brink were the first owners and bought the boat in 1977/1978. The Grinde was exhibited like this at the HISWA at the time. That made an impression at the time, because the boat was turned upside down to show the whale shape. They bought the boat through the dealer and picked it up in Denmark 🇩🇰 and sailed it to the Netherlands. She named him Yin III Yang. They had three children and the boat was moored in Marina Muiderzand. Markermeer, IJsselmeer and the Wadden were their sailing areas.

Construction drawing Grinde