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I’ve been reading your blog for a few hours. And I must say that you are a wonderful woman, goal-oriented, courageous and not afraid to take on new challenges. Even to climb the mast ‘Chapeau’! And you have a super ship. It is very seaworthy and also has sufficient storage space and space for a comfortable stay on board.


I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for a while and just watched the video of you going through Amsterdam at night towards Scheveningen. How great that you do all that solo and that it all works out! I really have a lot of respect for this!


I have noticed your postings and engaged enthusiasm for for your new boat in the Grinde group on Facebook. I am a member of the board of the Grinde Club, which would like to welcome you as our member and also humbly ask, if you would like to contribute with articles about your boat or sailing trips you did for our printed magazine.


I think you have bought an all-round – all-weather boat that will give you a lot of fun. It is an excellent (and timeless) design, something that will never be boring and never outdated. I have now followed a number of your episodes because, at the age of 76, I have decided to start sailing again.


The Grinde is a really cool boat. And you are an encouraged skipper. Sailing the 200mls solo is a real adventure!! Respect!!👍 Greetings from Germany!!


Ooooo Jacqueline I am gaining more and more respect for your sailing skills. It’s great how you do all this solo. And the relationship with your website is funny. Happy together or alone. You will probably use some sailing terms in this. Would love to meet you at the harbor itself. Nice to follow you. What’s next?


Others mind (and sometimes fear) the weather but you sail a Grinde! Very strong and able. If you put some more power on the backstay-adjuster the sailing Windwards may improve even more. The rigging needs a lot of tension on that boat (we owned one for 15 years).