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Navigating to Trinidad: my first Atlantic Crossing

Excitement and anticipation coursed through me as I arrived in the coastal waters of Trinidad. Prior to setting sail, I had filed a floatplan with the Coastguard. This was necessary to ensure my safety in these waters, where piracy had posed concerns in the past. Therefore upon arrival, I made contact with the Coastguard, and their response caught me by surprise.

A Warm Welcome in Chaguaramas

Sailing along the coastline, I navigated to Chaguaramas where Peakes Yachting Service greeted me. They swiftly facilitate my entry permit. Accordingly providing all the necessary information to clear in at customs. However, securing a mooring in the anchorage proved challenging until luck smiled upon me. One of the boats invited me to share a mooring.

Finding Community in the Boatyard

The boatyard community in Chaguaramas welcomed solo sailors like myself with open arms. From weekly barbeques to rides to supermarkets and leisurely walks to savor Trinidad’s famed “doubles” along the roadside. Hence camaraderie and warmth filled every day.

Exceptional Boat Repairs

But perhaps the highlight of my time in Trinidad was the exceptional care taken in repairing my boat. Skilled craftsmen at the boatyard ensured that every aspect of the repairs was handled with precision and expertise. Thus instilling confidence in my vessel’s seaworthiness once more.

Farewell to Trinidad: Memories Made and Friendships Formed

In the end, Trinidad not only provided a safe harbor for my boat but also became a place I look back with a smile. It offered moments of connection, support, and adventure. Amidst the backdrop of its azure waters and verdant landscapes. As I bid farewell to this welcoming island, I carried with me a sense of gratitude for the friendships forged and the memories made. Knowing that I had found a home away from home in the heart of the sailing community.


My name is Jacqueline Evers from The Netherlands. Solo sailing around the world in my 27 foot sloop. While my husband and son may have chosen a different path, their unwavering support fuels my solo pursuit of this lifelong dream.

Not confined by age or the constraints of conventional life, in my 50s, I bravely departed from the rat race, trading it for the serenity of the open sea. Through my unscripted videos and blogs, I offer a glimpse into the authentic tapestry of my sailing

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