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Boat Projects

I have been the owner of this beautiful ship since October 10, 2020. And a 44-year-old ship, I now know, needs maintenance. Real maintenance. And those are several projects. This ship had a lot of things, but little by little it stops working or really needs to be replaced.

Boat repairs in Trinidad
Boat repairs in La Forêt – France


  1. Replacement of the stays, sea railings and halyards. (December 2020)
  2. Bought a storm jib, made sail cover repairs, bought a spinnaker bag for the sea rail (March 2021).
  3. Installing new equipment such as chart plotter, compass, log/depth sounder, anemometer, AIS-B, autopilot, VHF speaker in the cockpit. (April 2021)
  4. The main bulkhead on the port side has been reinforced, because Grindes have a tendency to crack there. (May 2021)
  5. Holes have been drilled in certain places to prevent water from collecting in them and causing osmosis in the boat. That is why a hole has been drilled in the rudder blade with a screw at the bottom, through which you can let the water drain. But a hole has also been drilled at the bottom of the toilet, so that water does not remain in there. It did and a lot of ‘shit’ came out. (March 2021)
  6. Attention to the engine. Throttle cable was broken and new Morse cable was immediately installed (March 2021). New hoses for cooling water supply and discharge, exhaust system, replaced cast iron, gooseneck added for water seal. (May 2021)The water tank has been replaced, along with all old hoses.
  7. Installation of foot pumps. (May 2021)
  8. The top-hung windows have been replaced. (May 2021)
  9. The cabin doors have been replaced because the wood of the bottom bulkhead has rotted due to the water. They have been replaced by two new thick plexiglass windows. (June 2021)
  10. The aft lower shrouds are reinforced from the inside, because they can be torn from the deck when pumping the mast at sea. (March 2022)
  11. In the galley. The suspension of the stove has been improved, so that it hangs gimbal again. Aquasource water filters installed. (April 2022)
  12. Toilet with new hoses. (April 2022)
  13. Spray hood, rear tent, rain cover. (November 2021)
  14. Replace dog cage cushion with 12 mm. cold foam mattress, completely waterproof. (December 2021)
  15. Windpilot Light installed. (January 2022)
  16. Electrical project completed. New batteries, solar panels, wiring replaced. (January 2022)
  17. New mainsail and a genoa 3-4 with reef and zipper. (February 2022)
  18. New Gennaker and Trysail (2023).

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