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Saying goodby

Cherishing Mother’s Day: A Heartfelt Tribute

Today marks Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the women who have shaped our lives. I took the opportunity to write my mother a heartfelt letter. Thus expressing my gratitude for her love and support throughout the years. As I read the letter aloud to her, emotions overwhelmed me, tears streaming down my cheeks. With her 75th birthday approaching and my impending world travels, the realization hit me that I wouldn’t be there to celebrate with her.

Navigating Health Challenges: A Family’s Journey

My parents are facing health challenges, both grappling with heart problems and undergoing monitoring at the hospital. The thought of leaving them behind as I embark on my journey fills me with a mix of emotions—fear, sadness, and a deep sense of love and appreciation.

Rediscovering Love and Connection

Despite the distance that will soon separate us, there’s a silver lining in our impending farewell. It’s during times like these, when faced with the prospect of separation, that we’re reminded of the depth of our love for one another. Our conversations become more meaningful, our expressions of affection more profound, strengthening the bonds that hold us together.

Embracing Depth: Moments with Loved Ones

Recently, I shared a poignant lunch with my aunt Anja, a kindred spirit who values depth over superficiality. As we sat by the water, we delved into life’s complexities, exchanging stories and expressions of gratitude. I took the opportunity to thank her for her unwavering support of my parents over the years, a gesture that deepened our connection.

Moments of Reflection: Cherishing Time Together

I also made time to visit my husbands Mark’s mother, a remarkable woman of 85 years. The visit was tinged with the awareness that it could be one of our last meetings. Yet, amidst the bittersweet moments, there was laughter and resilience, a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Saying Goodbye: A Time of Reflection

As I bid farewell to loved ones, I’m struck by the importance of expressing gratitude and love while we still can. Too often, these sentiments are reserved for eulogies and funerals. But in this moment, I choose to celebrate life and connection, cherishing each moment with those I hold dear.

Counting Down the Days: A Journey Awaits

With only six weeks of work left and seven weeks until departure, the anticipation builds. As I prepare to set sail on this new chapter of my life, I carry with me the love and memories of those who have touched my heart, knowing that their presence will accompany me wherever I go.


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