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From Childhood Dreams to Ocean Dreams: My Sailing Journey

Introduction: Setting Sail on a Lifetime Adventure

My journey into the world of sailing began at the tender age of 10. When I first felt the exhilarating rush of wind in my sails and the salty spray of the sea on my face. From those early solo sails close to home, surrounded by neighboring friends, I knew that I had found my true passion.

Growing Up on the Water: From Lake Voyages to Coastal Explorations

As I grew older, my love for sailing only deepened. Culminating in a long-term relationship with a fellow sailor. Together, we spent countless weekends navigating the waters. Sailing six hours over the lake and six hours back, in every kind of weather imaginable. Our adventures extended to holidays spent exploring the beautiful islands dotting the Dutch coast. All aboard the same type of boat that would one day carry me across oceans.

Navigating Life’s Changes: A Return to the Water

When the relationship ended, I drifted away from the water for a time. As a consequence the years passing without the familiar comfort of sails billowing in the wind. It was during occasional sails and regattas in Turkey that I rediscovered the joy and fulfillment that sailing brought me. Therefore realizing that it was an integral part of who I was.

Combining Passions: Coaching and Sailing

As I worked as a coach, I found a way to merge my two passions. Using sailing as a metaphor for personal development. Leading a group on a transformative journey in Barcelona, I witnessed the power of the sea to inspire and uplift, reigniting my own desire to sail once more.

A Return to the Water: Rediscovering My Love for Sailing

Four years ago in 2020, with my husband and son, I made a life-changing decision to move closer to the water. Thus allowing the memories of my happy childhood and the thrill of sailing to flood back into my life. During the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we rented a boat, reigniting my passion and sparking a desire to become a captain.

Chasing Ocean Dreams: From Courses to Circumnavigation

With the support of my family, I delved into RYA courses and devoured sailing literature. Inspired by tales of adventure and the freedom of the open sea. Step by step, I honed my skills and navigated larger distances. From my first solo sail in this boat in 2021, to my first crossing to The United Kingdom in 2022, to the monumental decision to embark on a solo circumnavigation in 2023.

A Journey of Milestones: From Panama to the Marquesas

From the exhilaration of a 36-hour crossing to the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, each leg of my journey has been marked by milestones and moments of awe. And now, as I find myself in the Marquesas Islands, I reflect on the journey that has brought me here. Grateful for every wave, every challenge, and every triumph along the way.


My name is Jacqueline Evers from The Netherlands. Solo sailing around the world in my 27 foot sloop. While my husband and son may have chosen a different path, their unwavering support fuels my solo pursuit of this lifelong dream.

Not confined by age or the constraints of conventional life, in my 50s, I bravely departed from the rat race, trading it for the serenity of the open sea. Through my unscripted videos and blogs, I offer a glimpse into the authentic tapestry of my sailing

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