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A Dental Dilemma: A Dentist’s Concerns Before My World Trip

Arriving at my dentist’s office with ample time to spare before embarking on my world trip, I found myself facing more than just concerns about the condition of my teeth. With his Italian flair, my dentist’s English rang loud and clear as he expressed serious reservations about my upcoming plans. As I tried to maintain a cheerful demeanor, his warnings weighed heavily on my mind.

Unveiling the Diagnosis: Volcanos in My Mouth

During the examination, my dentist pointed out what he called “potential volcanos” in my mouth on the X-rays. His primary concern? Ensuring I wouldn’t face excruciating pain while sailing the ocean. Taking his advice to heart, I promptly scheduled the necessary dental work.

Seeking a Second Opinion: A Visit to My Old Dentist

Shaken by the news, I sought a second opinion from my longtime dentist of over 10 years. With his familiar warmth and smile, he carefully reviewed my case and compared X-rays. His conclusion? While understanding my current dentist’s intentions to ensure a pain-free journey, he advised against immediate action, citing the stability of my dental condition over the years.

Navigating Delayed Plans and Dental Hygiene

With my departure date for the world trip postponed by a year, I diligently attended dental check-ups and cleanings. Despite reassurance from my dental hygienist, who recommended new X-rays, I found myself back in my Italian dentist’s treatment room on the eve of my departure.

A Final Consultation: Balancing Advice and Tension

As I updated my dentist on the second opinion and impending departure, his efforts to dissuade me from sailing grew more fervent. Despite his concerns and the tension building within me, I left the office feeling slightly apprehensive.

Embracing Uncertainty: Navigating Dental Care on the Open Seas

Facing conflicting advice and uncertain outcomes, I pondered the possibility of seeking dental care during my journey. With trust in my body’s resilience and a belief in the potential for self-healing, I prepared to embark on my adventure, knowing that challenges, both dental and otherwise, awaited me.

A Bump in the Journey: Dental Extraction in Bonaire

Upon reaching Bonaire, I encountered an unexpected hurdle— the need to have one of my teeth extracted. Finally I was relieved from an old rootcanal treatment that I had after visiting Bonaire 22 years earlier.


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